Why do guys text late at night?

I'm going to sleep and this guy I know keeps texting me at ridiculous times at night and often I reply in the morning because I'm asleep.

Why do guys do that? Its quite annoying


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  • If it isn't a booty call, then he's apparently texting you when he's available to chat and when he feels like talking. Some people do live chaotic and/or busy lives and when things settle down, they like to touch base with their loved ones and friends. Maybe that's the case here.


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  • The typical answer is hat they want a booty call... but I know my guy texts me at night because that's when he gets home from work or class...I go to bed pretty early cause I wake up early for work. we just have different schedules.

  • mostly guys text late at night to see if your still awake and is up for a booty call! it's good that you don't reply but on the next day :)

    • Gosh they are losers then.

    • unless they have a graveyard shift at work where they are only awake during late night to morning hours hehe

    • No he's in a 9-5 job