Okay, why...

Why would a guy kiss you and tell you he wants to be with you cause he thinks it would be perfect, then like a month later he tells you nothing will ever happen between you guys?

c'mon I'm any ideas are welcome, I really wanna know...

Thanks, maybe I should confront him but, I wouldn't know how to do it really lol oh well I'll just do it, I mean I wanna know so...


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  • maybe after a month he

    realized who you really

    were and didn't like you


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  • Could you tell us some more details?. I think all guys include myself say it.

    But what's the matter? Did he dump you or what?

    • Well he said we would be perfect together and all that, and we wern't exactly going out but we might aswell of bin, then he started talking to me less like all of a sudden and then he got a girlfriend outta know where and was like "nothing will ever happen between us".

    • I have no ideas, If he is that kind of person, then I think he will do that to his girlfriend as he did to you. So don't worry not just only you who got that problem, but his new girlfriend soon will have that problem too and so his another gfs in the future.

What Girls Said 2

  • maybe he did really like you, but was also talking to her at the same time and decided he liked her better, and decided to date her. I kind of had a similar situation my freshman year of high school. But, yea if you want to know just definately ask him instead of sitting around wondering, you deserve to know what happened.

  • hmm.. maybe he found something out about you, or realized something he did not like. you should try asking him straight up, why he said what he said, then a month later change his mind and suddenly has a gf!?!?! I'm a straight up kind of girl, and I hate beating around the bush..