Successful guys, what are the best books/websites/YouTube Channels on dating/flirting?

Guys who are successful at dating/flirting or who have become more successful than before, what are some of the best books, websites, YouTube Channels etc for learning approach techniques and so on? It can be pick-up artistry or something more casual. Anything that helps.

PS This question is NOT about whether being a ‘player’ or a ‘pick up artist’ is a good thing or a bad thing.

PPS I think Simple Pickup is very motivational and has very good advice and demonstrations: link

This question is also NOT for guys who think that ALL such advice is useless.
Also I'd appreciate it if only guys would answer.

I don't think girls really understand approaching and what makes a good approach. It would be like asking men about make-up!


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  • One thing I can tell you is if you are not good looking none of their guys approaches will work. No pick up master ever tells guys this because no guy wants to hear it. They are not concerned whether or not you will get a girl after you finish their/book or course they just want you to buy their book or course so they will never tell guys things they don't want to hear.

    I don't know if you are good looking or not since you are anonymous. I really wish guys would understand this, that looks really do matter to us.

    • Well, I've been called 'good looking', 'handsome', 'hot', 'cute', etc. But actually I think you don't need to be good-looking, as long as you're at least average-looking. There just aren't enough hot-looking guys for every girl, regardless of her own looks, to get one. I'd say there are far fewer hot guys than hot girls. Simple Pickup is three average-looking guys, two of whom have a racial handicap. Sometimes they even dress up weirdly. One time, they didn't even show their faces.

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    • You will never have success with girls if you think a guy would know more than a girl about what works for girls. Comparing it to makeup is living proof of how unsuccessful you will be.

    • I know you don't like the idea that you can be charmed and not know how, but it is the case generally.


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  • this site:D

  • real life experiences..


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  • Have you tried being friendly and having a good time with girls? Hang out with the girls you have fun with.

    • Of course. You might get some success from that. But it's not the most efficient way of doing it. I think most would accept that, if you want to become proficient in French for example, you need to do some hard learning too, not just real-world interaction.

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    • By all means check it out. If I was interested in asking a girl out, I'd ask her if she wanted to get a burger sometime.

      I never looked into this so I'm ignorant. You realize people teach this for a living and they get paid to do so? I'm not saying it useless, but if I were going to guess I'd wager most of it is getting the confidence to talk with a girl and to be polite. If you do those things it will likely pay off given enough attempts. Maybe there are some special parts to it, but again

    • if you spend enough time with a girl, your personality will come out and the mind tricks you learned may not be effective any longer.

  • None of them. You will learn all sorts of drivel from "how-to" nonsense. Still, if you wish to pursue that there are great books on etiquette and wisdom that would be of more use to you; there is nothing to gain from listening to people tell you how they succeeded when their situation differs sharply from yours, as does the microculture in an area hundreds of miles away from you, but still someone will post something that you may or may not like from Y-tube.

    • Fine: Be lazy. link

    • I don't see how it's 'lazy'. It's actually more work, at least in the short term. But thanks for the link.

    • It's "lazy" because taking "tips" from people to attempt to woo an individual is usually a matter of trial an error rather than attentiveness and consideration. The way I see it I wouldn't want some woman to walk up to me and attempt to throw a textbook of "tricks" she got off of the internet at me. What's the point in that? Oh well, I'm known for being judgmental, best of luck to you friend.