If a guy is still paying for dates 2 months later?

I always offer to do it put he insists. I feel bad because I know how hard he works for that money and I have my own. Do I insist on paying or just let him keep doing it? And why is he still doing it two months later?


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  • Sounds like he's old fashioned. If he had nefarious intentions, they would have come out by now. If you cook at all you can reciprocate by making dinners for him. That would be the old fashion answer to the man picking up the check all the time. Alternatively you can invite him to a favorite restaurant of yours, make suggestions and insist on picking up the check since it was your invite.


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  • I don't know what kind of faith you put in love languages, but maybe spending money on you is how she shows he cares about you. If you're not that kind of girl, find a man that speaks your love language... Just realize that if he is that kind of guy, if he ignores you and neglects you, he will think he can make up for it by buying you something like flowers, if he disrespects you or hurts you, he'll think he can buy you off with a gift. There are plenty of girls that have dollar signs in their eyes that will go along with that sort of relationship. Maybe those are the types of girls he is used to and has been conditioned by. Just some food for thought. Different people, value different things.

    • yes I agree, I do think those are the types of girls he has dated in the past. I just wanted to show him I wasn't after him for his money but hopefully he has gotten the hint. So do you agree with the other user that I should just continue to let him pay?

    • I think if you're not comfortable with being bought, then you need a different man. If that's how he sees women, and how he manages love, then that's what you will be dealing with as long as you are with him... He's not going to change.

  • You can always say I would like to take you out next Saturday .. then he knows it's on you.

  • Allow him to do so. You have offered, which is more than enough, because it makes him happy to do this for you whilst also allowing him the knowledge that you are not seeking to abuse him. To reject this offer, after making your own, is an affront to him. You're not demanding he do so and so giving willingly is far easier.


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