Am I in friend-zone or? Help please

Just recently, I get to know a new colleague of mine. We exchanged contacts and have being texting each other daily, from morning till sleep time. We texted flirting messages with emo-icons such as winks, hearts.

Initially, our conversations were more about work but our topics leverage and enrolled private life matters in.

Just a couple of days ago, she enquired about my previous girlfriend and asked if I was given a chance, would I reconcile with her? She probed further by asking the reason for the breakoff. We exchanged our past histories and eventually she told me that she is ready for a new relationship. After that day, she started sending me weird messages – telling me that I should not send flirting emo-icons to other girls and more. Eventually, I came clean with her telling her that I have a positive impression of her and wished to know her better; hence I invited her out next week and she agreed.

As yesterday, I was busy with my friend and required some breathing space. I did not text her for a whole day but I sent her a “goodnight” message after she slept. Up till now, she has being showing cold-shouldering me and I’m sure that I did not do anything wrong.

Hence, my question would be, Am I in her friend-zone or she’s ready to advance our friend-ship? Thank you.

She has being proactively replying text messages sent by my colleagues.


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  • Hello! I think she is ready to advance your friendship, however, since she has been proactively replying to your collegues` messages she might not consider potential relationship seriously, though it all depends on what they discussed in the text messages :) Besides, think it over wether you want to advance friendship considering what she said about flirting emo-icons to other girls and her reaction to not sending her text messages all day when you were busy.


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  • Well, you didn't text her for a day, now she's not texting you for a day? I'd say she might be a little huffish, nothing more.


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  • Don't date someone you work with.

  • Never sh*t where you eat.