Does he actually like me or just playing?

i can t tell what he thinks of me. SO the other night the both of us went to a party it was a bonfire and he was being really sweet and touchy and stuff. we had just met. we both obviously like each other and we ended up going in the water in our underwear and stripping in front of each other. any ways at school him and I flirt sometimes and he grabs my waist and rubs my back and puts his hand on my leg. we work on homework with each other and listen to loud music. I thought he liked me but he won't respond to my texts and I can see he red them. I kept texting and I relized I was annoying him so I just stopped. I just don't know what to thik because I like him. do you think he likes me? message me if you want to talk more about it.


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  • You're still in high school, he likes to play with you and possibly even take it to the next level. It's hard to find a responsible and mature teenager who will like you for your humanness and not for the fun you are currently having together


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  • I think your pushing too hard, give him some space. It's very clear your interested in him but you just might not be his first priority. Continually texting him though is not going to help. Let him come to you and if he doesn't then he's just playing.

    • but it seems that he likes me right? becuase he alwasy flirts, so if I just give him some space it whould be better?

    • I think if you give him some space you'll know for sure.

  • Stop texting for awhile and see if he comes for you


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