I'm always texting first?

So I've been talking to this guy I've liked for awhile but the only problem is that I have been basically texting him first every time we talk except today but it was just a continuation of last nights convo. Is this a problem? I feel weird doing it all the time. The convo actually goes well all the rest of the day but what do you all think?


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  • Well do you only text? Or do you talk more outside of wherever you two hang out, do you two hangout, he could also not like texting, I'd like to say more but there's not much to work on

    • Well we live 5hrs apart. He just got back from the army and he said he really wants to hangout when I come back down to where he lives.

    • Oh really? Well that could mean he's been busy but that's looking on the bright side, it could also mean that your just a "friend" he'd rather keep then lose, he values the friendship, but vise versa he could also really want to see you because he misses you and he would rather spend time personally then text.

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  • There's nothing wrong with texting a guy first! I used to never text the guy I liked first, but guys like confidence and a little effort from girls too. I almost always text the guy I'm talking to first and he's always super happy to talk to me. If I don't text him the next day, we might go a day or two without talking but then he'll text me first. Maybe try not texting him first for once and see what his reaction is? Let him know what he's missing out on ;) lmfao Best of luck to you! <3