Does he like me back ?

Well I Been talking to A boy I Been Knowing Since 5th grade And yeah. Well we Were talking Out freshman Year but nothing happened because I ended up getting with my ex ,. And well were juniors now and we started talking again . And well when we text and I don't reply back he'll send me another message lol its so cute ahaa . And he always compliments me telling me I'm beautiful and stuff. He also told me that he had a crush on me in 6th grade and funny how I did to lol. Well yeah we just been talking to me and yeah. Well I just would llike to know if it might seem he likes me .


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  • he likes you. if he mentioned that he liked you before he probably still likes you now, that's exactly how you feel now. I say go for it! you missed 6th grade, but here is a seconded chance right in your face. begin to be affectionate towards him, I'm pretty sure he won't protest. show him that you are interested, make it obvious for him, and hell probably ask you out.


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