Guy I'm seeing said I didn't look how he expected? Help! What do you think?

I met a guy on a dating site and we continued to text for a few weeks before finally meeting. It went fine and he continued to text me after we met. We still talk now. He told another girl on the dating site that I was really nice, but didn't didn't look the way I did in my pictures. I mean in a bad way, meaning I looked better in my pictures. I kind of want to just call it off now. I don't think I could ever be confident around him without constantly thinking 'oh he doesn't think I look as good as my pictures.' I know I'm above average, I would rate myself a 7. He isn't top of the line either , so I don't know why he's so picky. I dated far more attractive guys. I put time into my appearance and he really doesn't. What should I do and what do you think about it?

Yeah, I don't know what to do. He's texted me twice and called once and I've ignored all the them.


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  • its normal for people to look different in online pictures than real life , I've had that happen a few times where I've seen pictures of people on Facebook and then in real life they look a bit different might be shorter lets say and just not the same as online picture . its really not a huge deal and common for people to post only there really good pictures to dating sites that create above average impressions of what they might look like


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  • How do you know it was in a bad way? If he's that much beneath you and your previous dating choices, why are you worrying about what he said?

    • I liked him. Like personality wise and he was attractive enough.

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    • I'm 100% sure he ment it in a bad way. He said he felt bad about being so shallow.

    • Well you either cancel the date, or fake the confidence you need and wear a good push-up bra with cleavage showing for the date.

  • Forget him, the fact he's telling someone else about your appearance is a red flag straight away. Don't settle for someone that doesn't appreciate your looks because there is someone out there that will think your a bombshell

  • He obviously still wants to see you.


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