I don't want to be a crazy girl I just want him to know I care, how can I get him back?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months now. About a month ago he started acting weird just more distant because he's pretty much flunking out of school, and I understand that he needs to focus on that. I tried to talk to him about the fact that we don't need to hangout all the time, but it would be nice to text every couple of days and catch up. He didn't respond. I waited four days and texted him again saying am I still your girlfriend? and all he texted back was I don't know. Then I said well maybe you should focus on the things you need to focus on? what do you think? and he still hasn't answered. I am assuming were broken up. But I can't believe he just dropped me like that. How can I get him back? I care about him a lot and just want the best for him would that be bad to text him? Help me:( my heart is breaking. I want him to know I care about him.

He still hasn't answered.. and has been posting on Facebook and on instagram. I have already told him that I would be by his side no matter what and he hasn't answered. I am just going to assume that we are broken up and he doesn't care. Early in the relationship he would have answered and addressed this right away. If it is meant to be we will find a way to be together in the future I guess. Even though it still sucks. Am I right to assume this? If he cared he would have answered by now.


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  • let's see he's flunking out of school (didn't school just start a week or two ago?) and rather than talk to you he is just putting up the wall. when you aska are you still together he says "i don't know". gotta be honest he doesn't sound like the biggest winner.

    i'd frankly stop chasing him. send him a note saying I konw times are tough. I just want you to konw that I'm here for you and love you no matter what.


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  • =\ Well he could be depressed. He could be done with the relationship. He could have cheated. There are a myriad of things that could be going on.

    Unfortunately you won't know until he actually talks to you, which for some reason he's refusing to do, which is kind of cruel.

    Anyways, give it a few more days. If he doesn't talk to you. Let him know you're coming over and confront him in person, so he'll actually have to talk to you. Then you two can talk it out.

  • I would say you shouldn't be upset over losing a guy who doesn't have the balls to come out and tell you what is on his mind.


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  • "I waited four days and texted him again saying am I still your girlfriend? and all he texted back was I don't know. " ... wow. This guy sounds like a scumbag. I highly doubt that him flunking in school or having other issues can ever justify the kind of behavior I quoted. Please, please PLEASE understand that a guy who is willing to say stuff like that has no respect for you or your emotions and unfortunately probably doesn't care as much about you as you do. I've sorta been where you are and it hurts when a person who you thought was the one and who seemed to be your soul mate walks out on you for no reason. Unfortunately no amount of caring or texts can make a person feel emotions they don't have. Treat this as any normal break up. Delete his number, talk to friends, hang out with people you love and spend time on yourself.