Why did the girl I'm dating remove a picture of me from her Facebook wall?

...After the 6th date, I posted a pic when we where out with friends of me and her on my fb, but by mistake sent to her wall. She removed it and I asked her if she was hiding me. She told me no, the pic was OK , she said she is just a private person and some people would take it too seriously and be an issue. Is she talking about ex bfs? Not sure what do think about that? I know it's only been 6 dates but I am hoping the pics I did send to her will make her think about me more.


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  • Early on I don't think you should look into it much. Some people on Facebook depending on who friends who can be really nosey and start gossip. Plus if there are exes like you said she may want them to leave her alone. So if you post something and she don't want people butting into her business, I'd say just respect it and try to keep dating.

    • Yes that does make sense to me. Are guys that selfish to see a old Girlfriend with a guy in a simple pic? lol? Does that happen alot?


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  • maybe she thinks its too early in the relationship to post photos yet. I understand you didn't mean to but she didn't know that.


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  • Death by FB dude.

    • lol which means what?

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    • i don't get what you are saying? I didn't mean to post the pic to her wall. But she doesn't want to casue a scene with some people. Lol which I don't get haha

    • You should not be on FACEBOOK with this girl...period! The point of dating is to get to know her, and her to get to know you. Instead, she researches and spies on you via FB!