Why did he stop texting, and should I text him?

I started talking to a guy I haven't actually met...we were more or less set up by our mutual friend. We've been texting and have each other added on Facebook. For the past week or so, we've been texting daily. Lots of small talk, and a few (failed) attempts to hang out with each other (school just started so I've been insanely busy). Then, this weekend, he asked to hang out and I responded that I was busy with a project due Monday and we would hang out after it. He didn't text me for the rest of the weekend and today, the due date of the project, he still hasn't. Why did he stop texting, and should I just text him? I'm always weird about texting guys first because I feel like I'm annoying them. Any advice would be appreciated!


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  • I'd text him one last time to make the effort, he may have thought you were blowing him off. And it's not a good idea to text a lot with someone you haven't met, what will you talk about when you meet?

  • text him, or better yet, call him and ask him out.