Is "good morning beautiful" too much to text a girl?

I'm kind of at a stage where this girl used to like me but it got a little awkward. I'm making it better slowly but surely. I don't want her to friend zone me. How can I get her to like me without being creepy? I'm probably just going to text her and say "Good morning :)" and see how she reacts. I'm probably going to be at an event that she is also going to be at tomorrow. Should I just text her often all week and if it goes well try to get her to hang out?


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  • If it was a girl who I used to like but am more or less just friendly with now and she text me 'good morning beautiful' I'd be over the moon I really would =] Girls aren't as mystical as you think they are, really I think that's a major thing here, it's not like you have one chance to get us right and that's it and there's never a chance again. We're not the Sphinx. You just show you're interested and there is an effect - cause and effect, right? If you show me you are interested I will react, and my reaction will cause you to react, etc.

    I usually say 'good morning beautiful' or something similar before I really think about what I've said, really, and then I go 'Oh god!' cos I realize. I mean it doesn't always lead to sex but, I've never had anyone go 'UHHHH'. It's not a weird thing.

    Another good thing is: if she does not want to be with you she will let you know when you begin getting sweet with her. She'll not reciprocate, ever, which would be a sign, but usually she'll go 'uh' or whatever, idk, you'll know if she's not okay with being called that. Then you can apologize, or whatever. And you know not to pursue this girl 'cos she's not into it. That gets a lot of hassle out of the way on your part! Then you can just be friends.


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  • Maybe I'm weird, but I personally hate when guys say, "good morning beautiful" or "goodnight beautiful". I mean, it's one thing if we're dating, but more-often I feel like it's just too cheesy and impersonal. I'd much rather a guy replace my name with the word beautiful, and then add a smiley face. But that's just me. Some girls swoon over that kind of stuff.

    • hmm. maybe I'll ask my mom what to do lol

  • It's perfect... it'll make her day ... trust me... it will

    • if she doesn't like me as of now will it backfire?

    • Actually you know what I'm going to go for it. I think it sounds a little better as "morning beautiful :)" Is that good or should I change it a little bit? I know it sounds stupid but one little detail could change her perception of the entire message lol

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  • I'd avoid contactingher too much if it seems awkward. I'd be more direct and say, 'Hey I hope to see you at ___(the event) tomorrow. Could you meet me at ______?

    You can't tell what she might be thinking from texting her 'Good morning", but you w ill be able to tell by how she responds to a direct invitation.