Girl doesn't really text first

Medium length story short there's la girl I've been seeing for a couple months. It's not really a very serious thing but we get together about once a week more or less. When were together we have fun, convo usually flows well and she seems like she I interested in me. When were together she often initiates physical contact.

Only trouble is she almost never texts me first or approaches me to get together. It's almost always me saying hey lets do something. When I do contact her she is almost always easy going and never really gives me the run around or cancels dates. When I make plans sometimes it for a couple days in advance and sometimes it's just 'let's hang out tonight'.

Now I'm not really big on texting myself. Even in my own group of friends I usually just text to make plans or say something that needs to be said. I don't often just have a text convo with someone.

I guess what I want to know is this a bad sign or is it just kinda shyness. Or has is just now been assumed that I text first and she just goes with that?

Thanks for any help or insight


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  • Dont read too much into her not texting you. I'm the SAME way. I've been seeing a guy for 3 months and things are going great. The girl you are seeing if just not yor typical girl who has to always be calling a guy. I'm the same. I have my own life and I think it looks clingy to always be texting. As long as she has been seeing you and responds positively you have nothing to worr about I assure you. She wants the man to take the initiative.


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  • girls usually expect guys to text first


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  • Just don't text girls man.