How to react to long silence of guy you date?

How to react if a guy you date calls you but longer than normally? to make him contact me more often and sooner than lets say 5-7 days..but not to overreact and being clingy


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  • I recommend that you go with what feels natural to you. Games are for kids.


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  • I am dating a guy like this. I always got a text the morning after our date saying he had a good time and wanting to go out again. Not much else and never a phone call. As he puts it he just doesn't like talking unless it's face to face. He's very sarcastic and that just doesn't translate well without being face to face. I don't like it but I like him.

    So anyway a little more than a month into our dating he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes but I also told him I need more contact. At least one text a day, I even told him things he could say. I explained that it's not really about the conversation but that it gives me warm tingley feelings to know he's thinking about me. I think he understood that because over a month later and we're doing great.

    Try explaining the why you need contact and a time frame that you both can deal with.