Can I ask him if he's dating another women?

I´m dating a guy for more than one month and we are still seeing each other only once in a week. I somehow feel that he is probably dating other girls. Is there any way I can ask him? I would like to pose a question in a way: "hey, we are seeing each other for more than a month. I feel that you are acting more distant last two weeks, so I´m just wondering if you are seeing other girls. I´m not askig this because I want to put a pressure on you, but there are also other men that would like to date me and I don´t want to loose my time while you are figuring out what you really want form a woman."

Is this a good idea? I´m just afraid that I can loose him after I tell this.

I would like to see him more often than once in a week. Is there any way how to get him to spend more time with me?


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  • The last part of your statement "there are other men that would like to date me.." will have him chucking up the deuces to you in a heartbeat. Do NOT say that. Simply tell him that you would like it if the two of you could spend more than once a week together, not EVERYDAY though. I feel like if we were back in high school, then there would be NO excuse for him not to spend more than once a week with you; however, with age comes responsibility--meaning you're not his only priority. He has a social life, family that he probably visits, work, possible extracurricular activities/hobbies.


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  • I wouldn't go there directly.Just bring it up as part of your conversation. this might help too link

    • It is so tempting to ask him to define a relationship. I used to chase me, called me each day and now he is contacting me less and less. I?m starting to worry that he is loosing his interest and I really want to know what is going on with him.

  • I wouldn't go into that level of detail. Instead, just tell him you want to see him more than once a week.


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  • I wouldn't suggest trying to make things exclusive this early on. More than likely you will scare him away.

    You say that you want to spend more time with him...has he always done the asking out or have you, also?

    • first 6 dates were initiated by me. then when he stopped to contact me, I proposed twice. first time he wasn?t available and for second time he agreed - we are meeting tomorrow.

    • That's cool, I hope it goes well but after that I would let him do the asking again. If he doesn't, then you probably have your answer.

  • I really do not think that is a good idea. You are accusing him of something you do not have proof of ( seeing other women). Maybe you could not be so accusatory about the distance thing and maybe ask him if something is on his mind? Or just go ahead and date other guys. But regardless no I think that particular statement might make him run for the hills.