She didn't respond to a call for a date. What happened? -help ladies

So we met a few weeks ago at the shore, exchanged numbers and I caled her when I got back we had a date last weekend, it was great, making out, etc. great time real in tune laughing etc... I probably could have had her back to my place for sex...I have a feeling she wanted to but I did not Because I live with people so it was wasn't opportune. So maybe she was mad at that. Either way at the end of the date I said I would be in touch. I called her, got the voice, left a message to do something over the weekend like go the shore and no response and it is already Sat. morning. What is going on? thanks...shed some light ladies. I am thinking she is mad Because we didn't have sex on the first date I really do...ladies is that accurate and would you do the same?


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  • I never sleep with a guy on the first date so that wouldn't offend me at all. I cannot imagine a girl it would offend except one that only wanted to sleep with you and had no interest in you otherwise.

  • If she can't understand that it wasn't possible for you to have her back to your place for sex then I suspect she wouldn't understand about a whole lot of things, lol...move on to the next one.


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