She only texts back every other time, why do girls do this?

This girl I've been texting only tends to reply every other time. Now its not like I'm texting her every day looking to know every detail. Its just when she does reply we could talk for hours and she won't even mention not replying to previous texts. So far I've ignored because she is a bit shy with me in person so I was thinking maybe she didn't know what to text or whatever? But it does bother me. Thinking about just asking her about it? Makes me think she's not that bothered about me. Any ideas? Has this happened any other guys here?


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  • Just ask her why in a lighthearted way. You could text her the next time it happens and be like, "Way to respond a million years later! Haha." Something like that. Whenever I ignore a text, it's because I'm either not feeling the conversation or I'm just really busy. But who knows -- maybe she just doesn't like texting that much.

  • For some girls texting is easier talking face to face is more outside their comfort zone most of the time its not you were just nervous go talk to her make her smile and feel at ease if you want this to go anywhere you guys have to interact in person too! Hang out with her as a group with friends first and work your way up good luck :)


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