Dating a single mom who needs her space, opinions from anyone who is in her shoes?

We have been dating for three years.

We are openly talking about getting married.

Very serious relationship.

But mon to Friday she says that we can't hang out in the evening

after we put her five year old to bed. Once he's out. I'm gone..

And it sucks for me because that leaves no time for us to spend

time with.. us...

She says she needs to clean and do her own stuff..

It does bug me, but I can't do anything about it..

I donno. kinda sucks.. opinions from anyone who is in her shoes?

Friday night...

Out of all nights, she doesn't want me to stay at night.

Wanted me to see them for a two hours and send me home

at his bed time.

i understand she needs her down time. But if we never see each other.

And talking about getting married... She says that we will have our

own space.

She may be doing her push me away thing again..


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  • I can't see why she would be like this after three years. If you are talking about getting married, then she should want her son to spend good amount of time with you. I can understand if she doesn't want him to see you there late at night (if she is trying to show him men and women can't spend the night together before married) but to not hang out until he is asleep sounds like she isn't as serious as you are. I am a single mother and I am not ready to be in a serious relationship. I have been seeing this guy for about 6 months and he can only come over once my son is sleeping and in bed for the night and I have finished housework for the day. If my son gets to bed too late or I have too much to do (house is a mess and I don't want company to see) then I tell him that its not a good night. IF and when I am ready to settle down and I consider this a serious relationship, I will absolutely allow him around my son. In fact, it will be really important for him to be around my son so I can see how they interact.


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  • sounds like she's used to her own space and likes relaxing on her own, she's probably tired from looking after the kid all day or working and then looking after him till bed time and entertaining another person is draining and tiring after dealing with that all day so she wants time to herself to just relax and wind down

    i don't know how she will cope with you moving in tbh

  • I keep looking at this post... it bothers me for some reason. I think it's because of the time. If you've been together for 3 years I would think you'd be past this stage. If you've talked about getting married are you expected to not do anything together after the kids go to bed? Can't you just help her with whatever stuff it is so you can have some time together? Not every night because people do need there alone time, but sometimes.

    I kind of agree with sweetchildomine, I think there's something else going on here.

  • I am not in her shoes but everyone needs space. However, I don't understand why she would need this EVERY day. I would be a little suspicious here. Is she starting to back away from the relationship? Are you crowding her too much? Is she seeing someone else? I can understand maybe a few times a week but not every day if it's preventing any quality time. If I were you I would just tell her how I felt and see what she says.

  • What is she going to after you get married? I can understand her point. But this topic needs to be managed amicably

  • I would say someone is guilty and it's not you. Maybe take a step back and rethink your decisions. Good Luck, buddy! You deserve so much more..

  • Oh- how old is her son? Is she afraid he will see you? Is she still talking to his dad?


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  • Oh god! What are you doing?!