Does he like me or is he playing me?

Hi guys! I have had this boy that's been liking me for a long time since last year. He asked me on a date saying he just wants to date, but if he ever does want a girlfriend again (he and another girl ended a 9 month relation previously) he'd hope it'd be me. We went on three dates in the begining of the year. All were great. Then he kind of dropped me for a month and hung with other girls, but later when we talked about it, it was a misunderstadning because he thought I wasn't interested in him when I really was but I was awkward. Then I ended up being this guys prom date and he did not like this, he kept texting me and trying to take ma away from him during the dance by talking or complimenting me. Now after that we started to date again and he even took me out to my birthday, a movie and coffee, and a date at his house with a movie, and the beach. But the weird thing is we won't go on dates all the time, but like every two weeks and he won't ever talk to me after our date. Sometimes h'll say hi at school, but usually never after our dates. Now we had that two weeks of not going on a date and now he just asked me on another. Should I say yes even though everything? Is he playing ariund? I'm not giving him much like physically wise we literally just started our first kiss on our sixth date, if that matters. Am I overworrying? Please help lovelys! Thank you very much :)


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  • i wouldn't say he's playing you since it seems like he's not doing anything dishonest but it seems clear to me that he is not THAT into. he wants you when he does but if he was truly into you it wouldn't be this hot/cold stuff. he'd want to get into a relationship. to me it seems like he's allowing himself to keep his options open in terms of dating you and other women and as with the prom situation wants to make sure you are available to him and there are no threats


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  • My guess is he doesn't want to come on to strong. Maybe he's worried he'll scare you away, or seem to clingy. I worry about this sometimes, especially when I'm not that sure how interested a girl actually is in me. Maybe he doesn't think you're that interested in him. If all else fails, communication is always key. Good or bad, then you will know.

  • Looks like he wants you available when he wants it, but isn't too serious about you.

    You should get him to understand that if he likes you, a date every full moon isn't enough.

    You'll see how he reacts then.


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