Would you date a woman who has had a lot of sexual partners?

Would you date a woman who has had a lot of sexual partners, or would you rather date a "good" girl and just have sex with her?

Also, would you consider yourself on the left (liberal/progressive) or right (conservative) of the political spectrum?


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  • Good question. I want to see how strong the correlation is, too.

    • yea probably the guys who don't mind tend to be liberals

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  • I would a prefer a woman with fewer sexual partners. I am a Libertarian.

  • I prefer a woman who enjoys sex, but also has more discriminate tastes and doesn't give it up to just anyone. I would like to see a woman exercise some self conrol and sound judgement and be selective of the people she decides to be intimate with.

    I am also pretty happy to see how many people consider themselves libertarian - I also am card-carrying registered Libertarian. Nice to see...hopefully our voices will start being heard in Washington!

  • Interesting question.

    I am left wing. I often say things like "Equality of opportunity is a capitalist lie, told by the elite in a self-decieving attempt to justify the advantages they have purely in virtue of belonging to a certain social class. We should aim to reduce inequality of results. Any society in which the wealthiest 10% have more wealth than the bottom 50% is unjust, however that state of affairs came about and whatever wealth-generating mechanisms that inequality supports."

    You get the idea.

    You might think this sort of outlook would predispose me towards being liberal about sex and not caring about a partner's past sexual choices. But, I would prefer to be with a girl who has had few sexual partners. If I am honest, this is more about my own insecurity than having conservative attitudes. I know I am not a stud and I haven't had many sexual partners myself and would like to be as significant to my partner as she is to me, if that makes sense. If I'd had loads of sex when I was younger having successfully played the field I reckon it would be much less of an issue for me. So it's not really that I have conservative ideals, it just the way the cookie has crumbled for me.

    If I met a girl who was great but had had like 30 sexual partners in the past, I guess I would have to rethink pretty rapidly. It would be silly to turn down happiness because of a hang-up, which is exactly what this is. That, ultimately, is the difference between me and a conservative. I realize this preference of mine results from a hang-up and not a tenable view of sexual morality. A conservative believes in chastity and monogamy out of a restrictive morality.

  • well I prefer to be one of the few that have "gotten in that" but as long as she's clean it doesn't matter too much. I'm libertarian

  • Define "a lot". From my perspective, anything into double digits is too much. Of course, I follow the standards I set and I myself do not and will not have a lot of sexual partners. Promiscuity is a turn-off for me, same with casual sex. I only do things inside of a serious, committed relationship.

    I am more conservative, but I'm a libertarian. While I believe people should be allowed to live however they want as long as it isn't destructive, I do not force my own lifestyles onto others.

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