Does a guy kiss one girl if he is still interested in other girls?

If he kissed me at the end of our second date, can I assume that he is not dating other women? Or might a guy be seeing more than one woman at a time and be at the kissing stage with both?

I know that guys might date more than one person, but is kissing part of that dating process with all of them, or does deciding to kiss mean he has focused most of his attention on that one girl?

Personally, I would not be the one to initiate the kiss, if I was also dating other guys that I might be interested in.


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  • There is a good chance that he's not kissing other girls. I'd say like an 80% chance- If I was dating 2 girls and I ended up kissing Girl A & not Girl B that week, Girl A was in. She was the winner and the one who had won my affections. Girl B was let go. If you are Girl A then you probably are the victor.

    • Thanks! Our first date was a week ago, and the second date was last night, so I would think I would be Girl A in that situation if there was a Girl A and Girl B.


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  • You can assume but keep in mind that an assumption is not absolute. He could very well kiss you and be dating other girls. It's not likely, but it's possible. I would say that you're the apple of his eye, at this point.

  • I'd keep my options open because most girls tend to reject me after getting to know me more. It's a numbers game after all.


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  • Well, judging from my past relationships, yes, some guys will definitely kiss one girl (or sleep with one girl) while liking AND DATING others.

    One boyfriend I had... I just assumed we were exclusive after we started having sex. I found out he didn't see things that way.

    It's definitely possible he's still interested in others IN ADDITION to be interested in you. A lot of people like to keep a lot of balls in the air at one time. I wouldn't assume anything until you guys actually talk about it.