Did you ever make this mistake?

Have you ever broke things off with a person you were dating because you thought this person you had a strong connection with was not on same level as far as feelings. You finally see that side and realize they care because of the way he or she reacted after you told him/her you are dating someone else. Then they tell you good luck and you start to miss that person because you realize they may really move on and it starts to hit you. Mind you...you both had very strong chemistry and connection and you are dating someone else because you think you have a connection with the new him/her. Did you ever stop thinking of that person you let go and hurt? What is your story?


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  • A relatively large reason that my ex left me was that I loved her more than she loved herself... She was my first love, and I think I may have been hers as well. When I heard she was dating someone else (~3 or 4 months later) I was actually happy - I had closure and thought that she had finally overcome her internal barriers. We had "chemistry", but honestly, looking back, I think the biggest reason she dated me was that I pursued her. For a long time. I'm really not sure why/how we stayed together for as long as we did (5mo (not actually that long, I know)).

    We haven't talked at all in the past 1.5yrs since she broke with me, so I really have no idea what she's feeling, but I'm willing to bet she is happier now than when we were together. I feel like I was holding her back from her dreams, so letting go was a necessary process when the time came... if far more long and drawn out than I wanted... I don't miss her anymore, but I do miss having someone special to be with. I think I may have lost sight of the point of answering your question.. sorry.

    • lol its OK. Your story highlighted some things for me. I was in a situation similar but he pursued me first. He is an athlete. We had very strong connection and things started to get serious. He was not where he is supposed to be as an athlete so he told me that he didn't have time for dating at the time. Soon he started dating someone else. He said they just connected. I don't want to be with him because during our break I realized I wasn't really comfortable in his world.

    • Plus I feel sorry for the girl he's dating because she has no clue. I think he is really going to realize that he messed up. I don't know if he will ever contact me but I am confident that he will never forget about me.


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  • Well that's something to think about before breaking things with the first person.

    Love or feelings don't always appear at the same moment and with the same strength in a couple.

    Once you have taken separate ways, it's rare there is a turning back.

    People are too impatient these days.

  • I have a story. My ex broke things off with me, she was the only interest in my whole life. We dated for a couple months, then she broke up with me and we decided to stay friends. We wouldn't hang out for a long time until a month later and it would be weird because we would be really close but with not much contact. Then she decided to date me again, but this only lasted another 2 weeks. Now about last year she got a boyfriend for 3 months, I was crushed again. After that we would hang out a little bit, and only till recently she started hanging out with me again. We started just relaxing together, then flirting a little more, and last night we lost our virginity together. So the mistake has been made, but it was fixed.


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  • Just tell him that sotry