Should I text him "hey stranger"?

This guy and I went on a date and he texted me afterward saying, "I had fun, we should do it again sometime." I agreed and he asked when I was free and I said, "Probably sometime this weekend" and he was like, "Well. I'll see what I can do." Then he never texted me about it but he came to say hi to me at work one of the days. Why would he say he wanted to hang out again but not text me about it? Should I text him? I'm thinking of saying something like "Hey stranger" because it's kind of flirty. What do you suggest? Should I throw in a smiley face?



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  • Give it a shot. If he doesn't respond then or says "we'll see" again, he's probably not interested.


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  • I think he's not interested and you'll be wasting your time

    • But why would he come say hi to me at work and say he wanted to hang out again?