Do guys not contact their gf's if they are on vacation?

Not really boyfriend/girlfriend but dating for 4 months. Up until now we've been in constant communication and consistent dates. Everything going great.

Is it common to just stop all contact?

He also said he wasn't sure if he would have reception or not.

He did make a point of taking me out a lot last week and called me everyday and the night before he left. He said "we'll, Ill be gone for 2 weekends so I want to spend some time with you now."

I just find it odd.

But I do understand it IS vacation.



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  • I've never been in this situation but I'm sure people need vacation from each other especially if your partner or just a close friend takes allot of energy out of you.

    the reception thing does make sense if he's in a remote place.

    Off Toppic: 3 of my friends got an apartment with each other over time they stopped talking to one another and got their own places. Now only 2 of them seem to be friends again I think due to common interests. Spending too much time together even if you have fun most of the time can be a strain on the relationship/friendship.


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  • maybe he doesn't have service where he is...

    i contact my girlfriend while on vacation if and when I have reception

  • I can understand your concern about your boyfriend not contacting you. He seems to have put in a lot of effort to care for you right?

    It's going to be just two weeks. Do you have anything on your mind that you didn't talk about? Do you still find it odd?

  • I never did. If I go on vacation without her, it's usually because I needed some time away from her.

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder, yadda yadda yadda,

    She'd always get some nice souvenir gifts though.


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  • I talked to mine on an app called "Text Me" - it gives you free texting on a free phone number. I'd miss him too much otherwise!