Girl on dating site seemed interested than just stopped replying

I recently decided to give online dating another try and messaged a few girls , didn't really get many replies but one girl from an hour away and in college wrote back a few times and there seemed to be some interest but then just stopped and didn't reply to last message , I don't know if this is just normal for those kinds of sites and if its common for girls to lose interest quickly or just decide other people are more datable and they quickly forget about others they were talking to .


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  • Dude I have like 20 chicks I speak to on these sites at a time. You have like a really small oppertunity to ask them out lol. If you ask them out right away your a player looking to get laid, if you wait they lose interest, or they find someone else on one of those sites.

    • well yeah I know the girls on those sites have a lot of options and get messages from a lot of random guys so its tough to get noticed on there

    • Some of the chicks on there are already in relationships just looking to boost there confidence.


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  • I just did the same thing last month, just because I realized I'm not ready to date, I canceled a date and deactivated my profile. It had nothing to do with the person, I just realized it's not the right time for me to date.

    she could have a crush on someone else around her, she could be busy, it could be anything really.


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  • Yeah people lose interest or they get busy.