Would an emo guy date an introverted girl?

Okay, I'm an introvert, I like to be by myself most of the time, people see me as the quiet shy type who always stays in a dark corner (but no I'm not emo). I like to draw, and I listen to heavy metal and screamo, also, I don't wear makeup because I don't believe that I need makeup to look pretty, and I don't really do anything with my hair... I just don't see the reason for big puffy hair, and I wear a lot of black casual clothing. I'm very emotional, caring, and I would do anything to make someone I care about smile. I like a serious relationship, and I was wondering with all these facts about me would an emo guy date me? I like emo guys because I think they're very caring and they would know what it's like to be hurt, but still, I'm wondering if one would go out with me.