What do I say?

There is this guy I like that I went to high school with. I've been talking 2 him lately through messages.I want to keep the conversation going so I can get his number.What can I say to make him feel comfortable to give me his number without me asking for his number?


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  • you could say, I was wondering if you want to hangout sometime, we should hangout sometime, or something along those lines. Or just flirt with him a little. You know, send a couple smiley texts that will make him think you like him.


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  • okayy uhmm try to make him want to give you his number try to be sexy and mysterious and better than you were in high school and casually set up a get together with him and hang out with him a lot and try to say something about setting something up and say you'll call him and that makes him give you his number. hope it works