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After 2 weeks ago we went out. 7th date. She texts me 4 days later hope I have been having a good week so far. I find it really hard to get in touch with her sometimes. She has a very stressful job and it just seems like I am wasting my time. I would text her back and she will take forever to respond. Always telling me she is busy. Should I just stop and take as long as her to respond ? Its sad people are like this. Help any 1?

Is there any text I can send her that's not to mean or anything like that? See if its just not gonna work since she is so busy


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  • Hard to tell without knowing more, but things to consider are...is her job that busy? I'm dating a coo, so I can respect the challenges with that. 2, are you both initiating dates, is it sex only or doimg other activities. I still need him to remind me that he is still in it w me. I set my exoectations w him by saying I know we have dated for a while so I have expectations. I need the oersin who is going to be w me to say hi, let me know you're thinking of me, etc. if you are OK w that, great. Ask for her expectations. Maybe you can come to a compromise. You have to respect yourself and her and likewise. Don't be afraid to set your expectations. just be comfortable being you and enjoy each day.


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  • Kiss her!


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  • If a woman is really interested in you, she'll make an effort and do something.

    I had a classmate that had no interest in dating me--she initiated contact... maybe once? To chat briefly?

    I had another classmate who wanted to be FWB's. She texted me she wanted to chat in class. When she didn't get the chance, she sent a note by her friend with her number, asking me to text her.

    Point is, people do what they want. If she's taking forever to get back to you, she's not interested, or she just has a bad personality thinking the world revolves around her.