Why don't guys don't take me out on dates?

I have had boyfriends before, but never been to a traditional date. Like dinner,movies, coffee, etc. I tend to just hang out indoors or do really casual things together but never something special. Why?


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  • Well, maybe its because you seem content with that situation. Try telling him (indirectly in case he doesn't have the resource) what kind of date you would like, if he can manage to take you, you will find yourself in a candle lit dinner with a dim background and a sweet-smelling rose in your hand, with him looking dreamily across the velvety soft table to your sparkly eyes, telling you how beautiful you look under the glow of the stars... but if he can't, he'll let you know, at least you will understand, right? I should think


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  • Yeah, basically, it's a money thing. Guys are increasingly reserving 'dating' for the girls they consider to be the best of the best. Even a girl with a lot going for her isn't necessarily going to get to go on a lot of dates.


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  • It might be a money thing? Dates can add up and be expensive. Going out every now and then shouldn't be a big deal though, and it's easier to do if you share the costs. Next time you're dating a guy, and you're mostly casually hanging out, tell him you want to do something special once in a while. Generally if you want something, it's wise to speak up and talk about it.