When it comes to dances do you feel like you should go with a date or not?

okay so we are having a dance at my school in a few months and I was wondering how many people feel that you should go to a dance with a date or if you think it is perfectly fine to go alone? What are the perks of having a date? And what are some perks of going with friends?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think the best is to go with a friend or a date who knows people who will be at the dance. The whole purpose is to socialise and to have fun. If you go with someone you have that anchor or person to chill with if things get boring. Going with a friend or date gives you a chance to do something before the dance ( pre party or clothes shopping etc) and after ( after party or a night out )


What Girls Said 1

  • Unless you have a boyfriend, I personally think it's more fun going with friends because there's no pressure or anything. I mean, having a date can be nice because it gives a sense of belonging, but not having one is perfectly fine, too. No one usually sticks by their date the WHOLE night, anyway -- girls will usually gravitate towards their friends at some point.