Am I being flirty or nagging him?

so I have been talking/texting with this guy for over a month now. we both like each other, and we try spending some time together when both of us have time off from class and work.

But our schedules are so different that it is very hard to find time when both of us don't have anything to do.

He was telling me how he wanted to teach me poker since I told him that I'm not very good and that I don't have a very good poker face. After this I texted him: One day I'll have off...and chances are you will be busy that day.

Didn't get a text back. I didn't mean to be bitchy or nagging in a sense saying that he's always busy. but in the past, when one of us has free time the other has something to do that can't wait.

Do you think that this was nagging or it was OK since we were talking about making plans in the near future.

We've been flirting in person and via text for a while now. I don't want him to think that I am being needy, Its a little frustrating that our schedules are so different.

Should I text him to apologize and say I was joking. He hasn't texted all day. He normally does. Or am I over thinking this.


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  • Wait for his response. If he usually text you daily, wait for a day or 2. Maybe he forgot to press send or something. If by the third day still no response, then text him something but not related to schedules.

    • He texted. All was normal


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  • he could have taken it as nagging but it's understandable that you were just sort of joking around. it's hard to note sarcasm or assume it's a joke in text messages. I would just explain that you weren't complaining or blaming him just sort of joking around...

    • i wouldn't apologize I would just say I hope my last text didn't sound nagy or "bitchy" it was only meant to be a joke

  • Don't apologize! It will make you start to sound desperate and submissive. Your in a dangerous scenario where you can't read what the hell the other person is thinking. The best thing is to play it cool, maybe even hard to get, and see if they chase you. You need to be SURE he likes you before you start putting your feelings into actions. Just sleep on it, and I believe you'll do the right thing. Good luck!

    • I'm 99%sure he likes me. He approached me a few weeks ago and we hit it off. He's been suggesting hanging out. Just out schedules are so messed up that I've had to decline. We both have midterms this week and being in grad's stressful. That's why I was over thinking my texts. I was just joking around with him. I'm wondering if he hasn't texted because he's busy. Would he make an effort to get in touch? Even if I did sound a little bitchy would that stop him from texting me?

  • I guess I don't know what the text prior to this one was (situation and mood sort of thing) but I don't think I would've taken what you said as being negative.

  • You need to always know when to take a step back if you feel like you're nagging him.


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