Texting before a date?

I met a girl over the weekend and we're planning on going out later this week. We've already set the date and time so now there's a bit of a wait.

So my question is (and I'm particularly interested in hearing from women here), Should I text her between now and then or just wait until the date? I'm admittedly not always great at texting and it would be nice to leave some things to talk about on the date but I don't want to seem disinterested in the mean time.


It's interesting how different the responses are from one sex to the other. I decided to take the girls' advice and shoot her a quick "how's it going." It turned into a slightly longer conversation than I was anticipating but it seemed like she appreciated the contact so I think it was a good choice.

Thanks everyone.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think that it would hurt to text "JUST A LITTLE" like, "(1)how's your week so far? (2)what are your plans for today after work...(3).or even tell her what you have on your agenda, then end it there.."Maybe, if you are comfortable with her observing your sense of humor (w/o turning her off) say a one line joke.. (optional) I would definitely leave most of the conversation for the date. If a guy asked me out on a date, and I haven't heard from him until the date ( a week or longer), then yes, I would start wondering.