I only see this new guy once or twice a week. Is this a bad sign?

So I've been dating this guy for about two months now. He has been gone traveliing a lot since we started dating for his work and also sports. When I'm with him I feel awesome I can tell he's into me and we have great chemistry. Lately I'm panicking because the relationship is still new but we havn't had the talk yet and he is busy studying for a large exam that could change his career. Every blog I've been reading has been saying if a guy is into you he'll make plans and make time. I do feel like he makes plans with me at least once or twice a week and we go out. He's even left a toothbrush at my place and brought up meeting my family. I'm just worried because he's not great at texting and all this space have left things to progress slowly. He's mentioned to me that once his exam is over he'll have a lot more time to do stuff. He also mentioned I didint need to look for a guy because I had him. Should I be worried he's seeing other people or would you guys be a little distant too even in the beginning if you really liked a girl if you were super busy and stressed for an exam?


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  • Ask him if he is seeing anyone. You will get your answer then. If he is honest he will tell you. I know you kind of asked this from a guy's perspective but you should never be afraid to ask him what is on your mind. I will tell you this, until you have talked about being exclusive, he is most likely seeing other people. Guys aren't wired like we are. They date three and four women at a time and think nothing of it. I don't believe there is anything wrong with that; it's the truth. Do the same! Go out and have fun, meet people, hang out with friends.

  • I would ask him if you don't want me looking for a guy, does that mean we are exclusive and you're not seeing other women? He brought it up and you have every right to set your expectation with him as well. You should feel comfortable to articulate your expectations in this dating situation with him. Also, if it makes you feel a little better, I've been dating someone with a crazy schedule and also going to school for 4 months (my schedule is crazy too) and I've only seen him 5 times and he has continually told me that he wants a relationship with me and we text a lot. No toothbrushes here yet, but he reaches out and sometimes we go a week without texting because of our crazy schedules. It works for us and we're comfortable in who we are. don't get me wrong, there are rare occasions I pulled the "are you sure" and he's reassured me thath he is in it, because it wears even on the most confident of women.If they say they are in it and it's not just sex, then take it for what it is. men are very literal and their actions speak louder than words. he has made strides when I've pointed them out to reassure me he is still in it. lots of luck! take it one day at a time and enjoy it!