Can you think a girl is beautiful but don't feel a connection to date her?

Lets say you think this girl is pretty, flirt around with her stare at her every second she passes by..what would be a reason you would not date her


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  • There's quite a few reasons. A few possible reasons that come to mind, are... (But are not limited to...)

    I am not romantically attached to her.

    I don't trust her.

    I don't want to get attached.

    I don't want to complicate things.

    I see her as just a friend.

    I'm more interested in somebody else.

    She's more interested in somebody else.

    She's an outright bitch.

    She's a princess.

    I don't think she's into me.

    She's too old for me.

    She's too young for me.

    She and I don't have enough common interests.

    She's racist.

    She's sexist.

    She's homophobic.

    She's closed-minded.

    She's too easily offended.

    She's taken. (Or I'm taken.)

    She's beautiful, she's just not my type.

    She's beautiful, she's just not sexy.

    She bashed Alice Cooper's music. (That one's a joke)

    She bashed the Jets. (Also a joke)

    She has too many conflicting point of views about religion or politics (though I tend not to get into those if I can help it).

    I don't know, there's a ton of things that can go wrong to make me not want her as my girlfriend, but whatever it is, if it's something I think we will be unable to get past, I won't even try. But yes, it's totally possible to find someone attractive, but not sexy, or not relationship material. It can happen, and so many things can cause this.

    Are you asking this because you're in this situation right now? Is there a guy you like and he's just not going for it? Am I close?

    • Lol yes you are correct..We really don't know each other but we work in the same company..He knows I like him and he flirts and started saying hi to me in the cheek first..I catch him staring at me and we make long eye contact..He knows That my personality is great because everyone that works with us..Even his friends say hi to me..He has tried making small conversations but nothing grows from there..I also know that he recently broke up with his girlfriend not too long ago but I don't know I was just curious lol

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    • Its been like more than 3 months! Lmao

    • Oh wow. Well, have you tried asking him out, yourself?


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  • Beauty is physical so if that's all she is then how would it be any different from pulling a mannequin off of a story display in a mall and going on a date with it?

    Plenty of women out there look good but have absolutely horrible attitudes. A lot of attractive women are stuck up and have a sense of entitlement that is an absolute turn off to guys. There are many women who are beautiful but have an attitude that makes you think they need a red carpet rolled down wherever they walk. They're egos cause they're beauty to become worthless.

    Plus for me to be attracted to a woman she needs to show me that she's actually relationship material. I don't just get my hopes up when a good looking women walks by. If I don't know the woman, I don't think anymore of her other than "I'd hit it."

  • Yes. Physical attractiveness is the not the only marker of compatibility for me. For me to want to date a girl she needs to stimulate my mind. She needs to be similar to me than different. Similar in terms of intelligence, personality traits, values, ambition and more. We also need to have chemistry. I can look and appreciate many things, doesn't mean I actually want any of them

  • I would have no reason for that I don't see how anybody would I'm here let's say a man will be turned off by Her because she has a massive set of warts or moles on her face You wouldn't think she's so beautiful now would he If he discovered that she is not a virgin then she can go from being beautiful too ugly Depending on how he feels about virginity whether it is a turn On or turn off Most specifically deal breaker

    • Men don't Refuseto date a woman if they think she is beautiful That would be inconceivable You don't refuse food If you are starving to death Unless you will be shot for eating it The parents and relatives could be a deterrent but that's it Nothing having to with the woman period

  • Yup, I know plenty of attractive women that I have no interest in dating.

  • Of course. Beauty is not always an enough reason to want to date a girl. Believe this or not, guys prefer a good girl over 'beautiful' when he has dating in mind. But something more casual is when beauty is the front runner.

  • Yes she can be beautiful but we don't connect personality wise. I have the opposite problem right now there is this girl that I get along great with and she wants to get together but I'm not really attracted to her.

  • All the time. Taylor Swift comes to mind.

  • Sure. Looks aren't everything.

  • yes. if you have nothing in common, or do not have the same belief systems, I can see it not working out. this has happened on the last million dates I've had...sometimes it seems hard to find the right person

  • yes. looks are only one part of what makes a decision when it comes to dating.

  • Of course! I feel this way so often.

    Most of the time I can't be bothered to approach, because approaching and getting to know a girl is an investment of time, energy and money. Simply being pretty just doesn't cut it.

  • Yes, look there are millions of beautiful girls out there but not all of them are going to be nice, funny, caring and honest which is what I am looking for.


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