Why has he never dated a girl before me?

My boyfriend is 21 and he's never dated any girls before me. There was one girl sophomore year of high school and she really hurt him, but the rest have just been one-night-stands or flings. Why would he date me of all the girls he's met in college? Does it just come down to how well we get along, who I am?


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  • That is literally what happened with my brother lol, except he was 22 when he started dating his current girlfriend. I think that after the first girl hurt him (he was also in his sophomore year), he decided that girls were too much trouble and that he didn't need them. But then he became friends with his current girlfriend and I guess he decided that being with her was worth the risk of getting hurt again. They've been together nearly 2 years now. :)

    Anyways, your boyfriend may be the same. Good for you!


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  • I don't know sometimes you just meet someone who is worth dating and other girls aren't worth dating or wouldn't actually be willing to date us guys . at that age its common to want to start dating a bit more seriously in nature so nothing odd in his behavior


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  • maybe the flings' thought thy were darting too.

    how long have you been 'dating;.

    not saying he's lying but he my nit do relationships well and this is just the beginning of something that doesn't work out.

    but otherwise yeah. you just meet someone you like when you never really liked anyone previously.