Do a lot of Arab men consider American girls wife material?

I've been dating a Kuwaiti for some time now and he always says he wants to marry me & I feel the same.

But, I strongly feel that he just wants to date me while he's in America & then, go back to his country and marry an Arab girl.

But he's different so it's confusing. He's not rude like some Arab men that just want to get in a girls pants.

When he first saw me he asked my friends what my name was and all of these questions. But I had a boyfriend at the time.

He waited about 4 more months to date me and he made a Facebook so he could talk to me.

He always tells me "you're the only girl I see", should I believe this?


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  • Hey well each guy is different but the majority of Arab guys mainly people from the gulf areas actually don't marry girls from outside their countries. I know a lot of girls who are told similar stuff by these Arab men As an Egyptian girl I've been around Arab men a lot and most of them just use girls in the countries they are staying so they can have some companionship. You should be really careful and deep down you probably know if he's lying or not and if he really means what he said it still might not happen cos their families are really racist and think they're superior to the rest of humanity Well good luck I really hope he means what he said. :)


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  • It is very difficult for a Muslim to marry someone who is not a Muslim. You will have to convert, but not for the purpose of marriage. It will take at least a year to change, and will most likely not be worth it. Unless you want to change your religious beliefs, count marriage out of the question.

  • He just wants to play with you and go home to marry a arab girl. I have spent some time in the middle east and they like western girls because they think they are easy and a good time but would never bring one home.

  • wemon are property in Shiite Islam in Sunni Islam Is just like it is here It is very important that you know if he is sunni or shiite As far as wife material I would say no because women are expected to do a lot of work in Muslim nations and are not generally expected to have too many privileges


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  • Um, no you should not believe that, because it's a cheap line and a slack way of trying to verbally express your affection for someone.

    Second, my husband is Arab and there is ALWAYS that fear/ thought in the back of your mind that he has a secret family somewhere or is gonna dump you for his cousin back home, you know? Many Arab and American women both have that thought.

    If he really wanted to marry you, then he would have proposed. if someone is just telling you how much they want to marry you but don't pop the question then they are pulling your leg.

    Also, none of them are different. Men that is. The same goes for women. There are those core traits that all men and all women have. That's how women can read another woman's B.S. where a man can't and the same is true for the opposite.

    I'd cool your jets if I were you and not get serious until HE gets serious as in, on one knee, with a ring, asks about a Mahr...

  • I'm an Arab girl.

    Well, I want to tell you that it depends on the guy and his family really. Because in the Arabic culture, family has a great influence and is very important. Ultimately, he needs to take their opinion too. He might refuse it or accept it. It depends on him. I advise you to try to know him better and know his family and see what kind of people they are. Get more involved in his life to know him and know his traditions. I think most Arabian Gulf families are strict when it comes to this. But I have heard a lot of stories about Arab guys (from Morroco, Eygpt, Iraq.. etc) marrying a foreign girl, and the girl stayed non-Muslim. In Islam, a woman isn't obligated to change her beliefs in order to marry a Muslim guy.

    Anyways, I think you can either find really douche bad Arab guys, or Arab guys who literary treat you like a queen, and this kind is rare and very loyal. You have to be a really lucky girl to find someone like them. Good luck, girl.