A kiss on the lips or on the cheek?

A guy I know flirted with me, touched me on my hand/arm/wrist as much as he could, complimented me, stared at me etc.

Then he asked me for a hug and a kiss. Did he mean he wanted me to kiss him on his lips or on his cheek?


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  • Always on the lips, if you kiss a guy on the cheek after him asking for a kiss, it tells him that you are not interested in his advances,x


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  • He meant lips but he'll take it on the cheek, if that's what you're more comfortable with.

  • The lips. If you kiss him on the cheek he might think you only see as a friend or the brother you didn't know you had.

  • It means he wants to have sex

  • We don't know, we aren't the guy. How are we supposed to tell you what another person's intentions are?

    • I understand your perspective. However, it was just one day out of the blue, standing on the street with him, and he says Would it be OK if I could get a hug and a kiss? I'm a girl and don't know how guys think, or what would a guys opinion be on this? Sorry if its a silly question

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    • He was standing in front of me and was quite close. He was looking down at the ground, and was really nervous. He asked me for a kiss and a hug and said it in a serious sort of tone in his voice while he was looking down at the ground.

    • Then perhaps he was trying to get romantic with you but was shy about it.

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