I don't know how to get the girl I want to date me because she still loves her ex

He slept with her and then stopped talking to her, she makes me really happy and she says I make her happy but she can't get over it. What do I do?


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  • you don't make her want to date you. she has to be over the ex first otherwise even if she likes you she is going to be hot and cold, on and off. frankly in these situations it's best to protect yourself which means stay away because you are more than likely going to end up hurt


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  • It looks like you are a rebound. If she is still a lot into him, that won't let lots of room for you. Tough situation for you.

    The wisest thing to do would be to tell her that you like her, but that you feel the actual situation isn't to your liking. Then to suggest not seeing each other, until she has made her choice.

  • She isn't over her ex, I think your only going to get hurt if you stay with her. She still lusts for her ex.