Guys, why would you suggest going out again during a date if you planned to never call her again?

Guys: would you ever suggest going out with a girl again while on date- just to be polite?

And why would you suggest going out again if you planned to never call her again?


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  • Possibly to gauge your interest in him. Depending on your response the guy will get a good idea of where the current date should end or could end and if the response to the question is too politically correct then he'll get a pretty good understanding of whether or not he should bother pestering you for another date. After all.. why make someone listen to the rest of the CD if they didn't like the first 2 tracks.

    If he didn't call you again afterward then either something must have felt off to him, he didn't 'like the first 2 tracks', or he's just taking his time so he doesn't seem desperate.


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  • Because calling you is effort. Dating you is as easy as stuffing our faces and not looking bad while doing it.

  • For the same reason that women always do this...

    They're chicken sh*ts.


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