This is really important to me. I don't know who's right.

This guy I've been talking to for two months, lives 8 hours away. We always say almost every night about how much we like each other but sucks Because we're so far so we can't be together right now but we will be. Eventually. Things were normal, cute texts, butterflies the whole deal. I was casually scrolling through Facebook and a new post pops up that he's in a relationship with a girl he has never even told me anything about. I don't know how to feel about it.. he texts me like normal today, and never brought her up. What the f***!


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  • He thinks he can have the best of both worlds,block him and never speak to him again you can do so much better than him and tell his girlfriend what he has being saying to you I wouldn't let him away with it and you shouldn't !

  • He's an ass for leading you on. Unfriend him and block him on your phone.