Why give me his phone number again?

my ex just said this in an email.

guys just emailed me this I just figured you didn't want to be bothered with me. Yea wherever you want to leave it, just let me know. Thank you

while setting up for him to come over we were talking over fb message. At the end I told him I'd let him know tomorrow what time I'd be home. He said whatever is easiest for you I don't need it right away if you need a couple days. Then gave me his number and said in case texting I is easier. I fb message through my phone and text w my phone so I don't understand why he gave me his number again

(he knows when we broke up I deleted his number to make sure I didn't send any drunk texts or anything)


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  • since he knows you deleted his number if you add it, it symbolically represents how your feelings towards him are swinging back in to a good place

    • liek shows him I still love him? is he trying to figure out where my feelings are?

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    • you should do what you feeling comfortable with

    • just don't (and not sayingyou are or will) lead him on and understand that he may read into your responses or the frequency of them


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  • He might have thought you had deleted his number again! He sounds very tentative about contactng you, giving you every chance to back out of meeting him.

    • yeah he keeps saying whatever is best for you. not giving a tiem that is good for him having me set everything up. we broke up because everything was his way do you think he's trying to show he's different?

  • Consider it an action of completion; it probably is less about practicality and more about utility in the message. You always leave your contact info if you're performing actions like this. "Common Business Training" if you will.


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  • Because it opens up another method of communication.

    He wants to talk to you - what if the internet goes down or you don't get 3g or you delete your Facebook? What if he doesn't get 3g? What if you're in trouble and you need to ring for help?

    See what I mean?

    • bc he cares? he wants this to be more then pick up the car part and never talk again

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    • He made the effort to go to your house and said to take care?

      He didn't stay long, no, but he made the effort to check you were okay. He cares about you.

    • very true thanks, so in a couple days should I say good seeing you adn I'll keep my ears open for anyone that needs a car. he told me he's trying to sell one because of financial issues.