If a guy cancelled the second date suddenly, how should I react?

I have a great first meet with this guy.before four days.it seems that we like each other.though we didn't talk over phone we only chatted.yesterday he fixed our second date and decided to meet today at 6:00 pm.he seemed very interested about the date. I wait until 4:00 pm to get his confirmation but he didn't call then I call him and he said me to get ready and come to the place we decided we will have some foods there and we will go for a ride after that.at 5:30 when I was very close to the place he texted me that his sister is coming to his hospital ( he is a doctor) as her baby is having urine infection.then I called him he said me these things again and said we will meet at Saturday or Sunday.today is Thursday.i just said OK. Now I don't understand why he does this? Is he telling the truth? Should I give him a second chance if he wants?


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  • If he's a doctor, he is on call during his free time. Don't be too rigid about time. Suggest meeting him at his workplace for a cup of coffee. Ask him if he can meet you on short notice. He may need to be close to the hospital if he's a resident. If his practice is still new, he will need to spend serious time to make it a success. You need to ask yourself if you are willing to bend and be flexible with your time with with him. He will have very little free time available if he's new in his career.


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  • Yes definite second chance his a doctor this thing canceling something will happen often ( spicily if his good ). Don't think he was bullsh*tting u

  • I am not a Dr but I play on TV...

    Bozo the clown is not a doctor.


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