How are you supposed to feel in early dating? Should I keep going or would it be leading him on?

I've met this guy, he's cute, really smart, interesting and sweet. While he's awesome I'm not sure about him. We've been on 6 dates, get along well and do have things in common.

The only problem is I'm not too sure how I feel about him. I enjoy his company but I'm not excited about him or anything to do with the relationship really.

Is 6 dates in too early? Could these things come in time? I'm new to adult dating where you don't really meet them at school and already know them and am not sure how I should feel at this point in.

Should I continue dating him to see if things change or should I know by now? I do know that we're probably not too sexually compatible...


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  • The "spark" is either there or it isn't. Now quick without thinking, picture your life with him after 30 years of marriage. Are you still in love with him? Does he still make you horny? Do you still like the choice you made?

    If the answers to all tree of those aren't "Yeah. Probably." at least, it's time to go.


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  • In your response to my answer: if there is no "magic", no love or possibility of love on the first or even the second date then there's a chance that love will never happen. You are wasting both his and your time. Date somebody else. At my age, I have the experience to know that to be true.

  • Why did you bother dating him in the first place? If you have no emotions for him, stop wasting his time and look for another. It's selfish to tag that guy along when you don't have any serious feelings or love for him. He's not going to change anytime soon and will dislike you if you try to change him. Either you have "magic" from the first date or not. You didn't. Stop wasting his time.

    • You have "serious feelings and love" for someone 6 dates in when you've known them for 2.5 weeks?

  • 6 dates isn't early dating anymore. You should know how you feel for someone after the third date (as there is communication in between).

    Usually I know after one date if I'm interested. So if you aren't attracted to him sexually, you like him as a friend. Better tell him soon.

  • If its not there... its not there, how do you know you are not sexually compatible? In what way? By 6 dates you should be bumping uglies or at least getting very close.


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