Ladies, do you get annoyed when guys argue way too much?

Is it because if girls argue alot, then that's natural for her, but if a guy argues more than you, would you say "he's whinny like a baby?"

What if some guys look at it like this, a man has a right to have a voice too, to where it shouldn't seem like only girls can dominate an argument all the time but not guys. Maybe those guys want to be strong and out spoken so no one won't run over them. I'm just saying what those kinds of guys would say.

I heard a girl say, she would never date a guy who whines alot, that would be like dating herself, but I'm thinking well how do you think guys feel, knowing most men have to wrongfully put up with that?

But anyway... ladies do you think only girls have the right to argue a lot more than guys do?


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  • I don't like argument period.regardless which gender is doing it


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What Girls Said 1

  • yes, but its not only with guys. I have when people can't stop with the bad energy.


What Guys Said 1

  • Probably because then he doesn't seem perfect