Confused about my ex boyfriend please! Help me.

I broke up with my ex like a week a go , because he would lie to me a lot and never had time to be with me anymore .. he would flirt with girls a lot something he never would do back then & he also text them and I found out he was asking girls out but they all told him no .. which got me thinking so I decided to break up with him after being with him for 3 years .. he text me one time but I didn't responded back .. he tells my friends he misses me a lot but he hides it from his friends that he still cares about me .. now all he does is get high and f*** up .. I really don't know what to do should I text him and tell him I miss and love him or should I just forget it and move on ?


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  • Move on. You deserve someone that won't do that to you. Don't let yourself settle for anything less.

    As well, saying you miss someone could just mean you miss them. I had been in a relationship for 5 years with someone during my high school years. I knew our relationship was crap for the last year of it but still I held on. Finally he ended it which I'm thankful for now because I never would have been able to do it regardless of miserable I was. I knew it was for the best and yet I still missed him. I missed him for a long time! I used to get plastered every night to forget about him, it was just my way of dealing with such a drastic change. Which is probably what he's doing.

    You will always miss someone, love or not, when you saw them several times a day or even several times a week. It's a huge change for you when you aren't with that person all the time anymore, so you miss them. That's okay but it in no way means you love them. You may think it means love but if you gave yourself the time to think about it, allow yourself to miss him and move on. You'll see down the road that it wasn't.

    • Your Right Maybe I don't Really Love Him I Think I'm Just So Used To Always Being With Him .. That I Just Miss What We Once Had

    • That's most likely it. And it's great that you see that.


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  • Move on, you deserve better!


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  • Move on he is going to do the same things he did before.

  • move on, don't talk to him.