Did I lose his attention or is he just not into me?

I meet a guy through one of my friends, she end up telling the guy that I was into MMA and that I wanted his number. The next day, the guy message me on Facebook saying that a little friend of his told him that I was into MMA fighters. Eventually he did give me his number, so I texted him since he said it would be easier to contact him.

The first night we called each other after like a few hours of me studying since I'm in undergrad. We talked on the phone for four hours, talking about dogs, dating, MMA, family, and just having a great time. Then we made plans to call each other the next day.

I called him the next day like I said I would, and he calls back like three hours later: saying he was sorry about missing my call. Then the worst thing happens my phone drops, so when I tried to call him back the line was busy.

I figured he would understand the situation so I didn't worry about it until the next day we didn't talk at all. The next day I sent him a good morning text, and he text back late afternoon saying good morning, which was the last time he text me. I figured I would call him which was around 8-9pm but I never got a text back.

Did he lost interest that quick or is he just not that into me?


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  • sometimes guys will be like that they won't reply for ages or not at all. and most of the time it means that they are not into you that way. But I could still be wrong. but I had a guy that did that to me once to. so I decided I would stop messaging him and trying to talk to him. and then about a week later he messaged me first and then we went to the movies together. but since then we rarely talk and think about it is the guy that doesn't text/call you back really worth your time. But if he does text you don't reply straight away otherwise he has control once again. hope this helps :) xx <3 goodluck


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  • Ignore him for a couple of days, no texting no calling, and see how he reacts. If he is interested, he will call or text you within 2 weeks I'd say.


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  • let him write you first-then you ll see if he into you or not

  • i think you need to play ahrd to get. don let him have a little bit of a challenge.