Should I let him know how I'm feeling?

I met this guy unexpectedly. He came into my work & we just started talking. Anyway long story short, we have been dating for about two months now. I'm not usually the type of girl to have doubts, and with him I don't have any. Just in the past I have been very hurt in relationships, and many girls start to worry. I'm not going to lie, in the back of my head I do tend to worry too much and I hate it. Just about stupid things happening. Should I let him know what I'm thinking? I don't want him to think that I would think that about him, I know he's a really good guy I'm just really scared of getting cheated on or something. Because when I'm dating someone, I put all my soul and effort into it, and I know that's a risk you have to take, I'm just very emotional at the moment and don't know what to do. Any advice will help thank you.


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  • im in the same boat. I've been dating a guy for almost 4 months. As time progresses I can feel my feelings for him getting stronger. I haven't told him how I feel, but I am so scared like you, not of him cheating on me but of him leaving me, and it hurts so much I am so scared. But you know what, he is worth the risk. It sounds like the guy you are with is worth the risk. I know it hurts and you get really insecure and in fact might even cry allbout the situation. But like I said sometimes, especially if the guy is a good one, it is worth the risk. Because if you don't take the risk aave bnd end it with him then you will never know what might have been.

    So no I wouldn't tell him. If you do it will make him feel insecure the rest of the relationship. If the relationship if going good now then base it on that. There is no reason to tell him this really.


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  • If you don't trust him, them don't put all of your soul and effort into it. Wait until you are more sure about him and him not cheating on you.

    • I do trust him tho, with my whole heart. But I feel like a lot of girls have the feeling that the person that they love will just wake up one day and not want you anymore. It's happened to me in the past that's why I'm just so scared of loosing him. I try not to think this way & the reason I don't want to tell him is because I don't want him to think I' crazy, lol

  • i would tell him. be honest.