Do girls send messages to guys on online dating sites?

So I've tried to post my profile on a variety of dating sites but I haven't ever messaged any girls because I'm not actively looking, but if anything comes my way then great.

But I'm getting no messages. On POF I've had about 30 visitors and my fresh account on LavaLife is up to 11 now and climbing and I haven't gotten a single message from a girl yet.

My profile is perfectly fine and I'm not saying anything weird or offensive in it and I'm not exactly ugly, so I was wondering, do girls not send out messages to meet someone?

Is there like a double standard where the guy has to make the first move?


Most Helpful Girl

  • yes, I have done it.

    • Do you do it often? What made you messag him in the first place?

    • i jsut found his profile interesting. and I do it pretty often.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Personally I rarely message a guy first. I like a guy to be a bit aggressive and show he's interested.

  • I haven't used a dating website, but when thinking about it, I chickened out, because I am shy, so I wouldn't message a guy first if I did use a dating website.

  • Yes...Be patient.

    • I don't think patience is the name of the game. I've opened my POF account 4 mths ago and my lavalfe account a month ago.

What Guys Said 1

  • Of course they don't, unless you look like a model.

    Unfortunately, the girls on dating sites are there because they look unapproachable in real life and they refuse to make the approach. Why would they change their behavior online?