Do you have a memorable first kiss with someone story?

Do you have a memorable (funny, romantic, horrible, etc.) first kiss story?

I once went for a walk with a girl during winter, who took Her dog (American bulldog, so a strong big dog) for the walk with us. It was slippery where we were when I leaned in to kiss her, our lips barely touched when her dog pulled us to the ground. She fell on her knee, I broke my finger but the dog was fine.


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  • That's hilarious! Haha. That sucks you broke your finger though.

    Last month, I hung out with my guy friend at his apartment. As I was leaving, he suddenly went "I'm curious" and just went and kissed me. It was the first time I'd ever been kissed without warning like that, and on top of that I didn't feel that way about him, so out of surprise I shouted at him "You're CURIOUS?!" Yeah I didn't react very well haha. But we're still friends.

    • Lol! I've used that line! Kiss her then apologize and say, I was curious.

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  • No but I dreamed about it. He liked me too but I was too shy. Now I'm not interested anymore because it's been 2 years.

  • We had just exited the coffee place and he was dropping me off at why plea, we were chatting casually. The air between us was rapidly filled with the scent of coffee. It was hypnotic, daring, we knew the perfume was coming from the others' mouth but we didn't one, we just stared at each other wondering who would cross the last centimeters separating us. We didn't kiss, not for one week. The coffee aroma was no longer filling the air by then (what a shame...) but we had grown impatient by then so we didn't care about the moment.

  • My first one was on the school bus. hahah

    Like 8th grade or something, we hit a bump and he bit me.

  • well I dotn have any romantic one. I have only kissed 3 guys and every single one was from another state or country so I didn't see them after the kiss ahah.

  • my first boyfriend was at the movies it was so awkward and not romantic.

    my first kiss with a different boyfriend was pretty sweet, he kind of riled me up


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